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Bits of Time Publishing is interested in finding new authors who have not yet published their book.

Many people have great ideas for a book. Some just need a little boost to get it done!

If it's still in your mind, sitting in a box or on your desk, perhaps we can help you finish. 

Here is a good example:

This hardcover book is 630 pages with an eye-catching jacket. 

High in the Bavarian Alps is a novel of historical fiction, written by James Earl. 

It will take you on a journey from California to Central Europe, an adventure set in the early 1970s.

Bits of Time Publishing helped bring this book to market. Now, here it is... 

Hot off the press!

High in the Bavarian Alps: A Novel - First edition offered through Bits of Time Publishing.

This new book is one of a kind…

Explore Bavaria—a magical paradise, full of wonder and beauty, plus other areas: Austria, Southern Europe and Germany.

Civilian employees who work for the Armed Forces Recreation Center pursue fun times in Oberammergau, Berchtesgaden, Garmisch, Munich and Chiemsee. Meanwhile, military bases suffer attacks by the Baader-Meinhof Gang (aka Red Army Faction).  

This is a story never told before about these places and events: a delightful blend of mystery, romance, terror, history and a lifestyle of frolic in the early 1970s. 

Many colorful characters enjoy playful nightlife, local food, sports and traveling together. They all develop very strong friendships in a one-year period.

Join Lucas and his AFRC friends as they visit famous hotels, ski resorts and more:

 · Learn history from locals in Germany, Bavaria, Austria, Italy, Spain, the French Riviera, Morocco and Switzerland.

 · Ferry to Ibiza and Formentera islands.

 · Enjoy beach life at the Costa del Sol.

 · Ski the Zugspitze and the Matterhorn.

 · Tour castles of King Ludwig II.

 · Attend the Austrian Grand Prix.

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New Novel - Historical Fiction

Additional Information


The author and the publisher condemn violence of any sort. Cover images are not intended to cause harm, offend persons or promote violence; images are meant to inform readers of subject matter in the novel. Historic events are presented in neutral discussions between characters as they work, play and travel in the story. 


Lucas Gary is a chef who journeys from Southern California to Europe and stays there on a long, personal quest. He has a passion for indoor and outdoor sports, especially anything you play with a ball. 


Lucas provides information about food and cooking. As he experiences his own personal conflicts, he witnesses conflicts of persons who he meets along the way and becomes close to. Some conflicts appear to be resolved in this story, but readers may have to think a bit deeper.


Interaction between characters is up-beat and mostly good camaraderie. However, the story is studded with terrorist activities and the dark clouds of Nazi influence on German cultures.  Lucas meets Interesting characters who come from around the world to work for the Armed Forces Recreation Center (AFRC). Historic hotels which survived World War II became AFRC facilities and served as vacation resorts for military personnel and their families.


People who like history will enjoy reading about the cultures in Bavaria and other areas during the decades which led up to the early 1970s. 


Various characters and historical settings bring the readers into the story, engage them in explorations, and challenge their perspectives. 

[Suggested for adult reading)

"A wonderful adventure!"

Great reading...

Interesting periods of historic influence in Bavaria and surrounding countries.


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